What Makes Us Different?

“The Difference is Being (Really Understanding) The Customer”
Julius A. “Jay” Wilson, Owner

In today’s rapidly changing, and demanding global economy; the only constant seems to be CHANGE. This is especially true in the world of Information Technology (IT)/Computer Systems, and overall education. In fact, it’s becoming almost impossible to keep pace, and remain competitive without them.

Professional Commitment to Leadership and Excellent Customer Service
In over 30 years working within the Information Technology, and business sectors (including having been a former corporate-level IT, and Computer systems manager); I have had the good fortune of supporting some of the world’s most demanding managers, business-savvy, and home-based customers. In every instance, I considered the ability to provide both corporate leaders, and general computer users with effective IT capabilities (including dispatching immediate, and overnight technical solutions to world-wide locations), a personal challenge and group-shared endeavor. Giving credit to those who afforded me the opportunity to grow in both business and IT sectors; Jay Tex Systems is fully capable of providing this same level of service to today’s executives, and non-executives alike. Our motto is very simple: “Treat each customer as though they are the best…And provide the very best service possible”.

Commitment To Affordability…Bridging The Digital Divide…
In a nutshell, the “Digital Divide” is the difference between those having readily available access to Information Technology (such as basic computer/Internet access) versus those who don’t. The digital divide not only affects individuals, but it can also have an impact on any venture having limited resources. I have lived this dilemma, and continue seeing it on a daily, first-hand basis. Likewise, Jay Tex Systems approaches each client with the goal of helping to bridge and eradicate the divide. For starters, it has always been a mainstay that Jay Tex Systems employees(including its owner) spend time volunteering, and working within communities having less economic and recreational resources to draw from. Next, the journey led us to developing computer training curriculums, providing free seminars, and a variety of other materials; all in a concerted effort of using Information Technology and computers to remain competitive. These efforts help close the divide by ensuring access to computers, and ultimately advancing the skills of today’s youth, members of the senior community, and adults wishing to better prepare themselves in a technology-driven market. We’re intent and committed to making Jay Tex Systems your affordable “bridge closing” solution!